Holland Fintech 15-12-2017

Member Spotlight: Collin Crowdfund

Collin Crowdfund is a financing platform for Dutch SMEs. Market leader in crowdfunding, the company is providing top-notch finance solutions for entrepreneurs. Their mission, to give enough space to entrepreneurs while providing them with serious investors. In 2017, the company won both ‘De Gouden Stier’ and the ‘Cashcow Award’ awarding the best crowdfunding platform in the Netherlands. For the second time in a row.

Founded in 2014, Collin Crowdfund is a platform where investors and borrowers can meet and match their common interests. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, the platform targets Dutch SMEs and aims to provide them with the means to thrive. Investors, generally individuals ready to invest into the local economy, provide the fuel propelling the company. So far, more than 12,500 investors are connected to their platform, which provides funding to more than 420 companies. This activity represents a volume of 86 million euros, with each borrower receiving at most 2,5 million euros per loan. The company deliver a minimal net result of about 4% to its investors, while keeping a success rate above 99.5%.

The platform relies on a highly efficient technology, completed by a particular value given to the human factor. A team of 20 Crowdfund Coaches is spread across the country to meet and deal personally with borrowing entrepreneurs, discuss their ambitions and needs. The Crowdfund Coaches then direct their application to a Risk Coach, who will assess the risk profile of eventual customers. Finally, the application is accepted or refused by a ‘green light’ commission. The whole process, from application to delivery, can take a few weeks, given the nature of the business, and among other things, is based on the client’s profit, liquidity, solvency.

Founded by three finance professionals with extensive accounting and banking experience, the core value of Collin Crowdfund is the love for small and medium enterprises entrepreneurs. Through their financing platform, the company provides them with large possibilities in regards to the exposure of the borrowing company, and ambassadors for their product. Compared to other traditional means of finance, crowdfunding is more transparent.

Focusing for now on the Dutch landscape, the company is carefully looking into close foreign markets. Regarding their position on the local scene, the company could not be defined as aggressively competitive, crowdfunding being a reasonably sized market within a larger one.

Within the scope of Basel IV, the rules concerning the equity position of banks should increase the company’s opportunities on the market. Given the changes expected on the market, Collin Crowdfund wishes to extend their partnerships with financial institutions. Crowdfunding is undeniably becoming more and more used in the industry, shifting from an alternative solution to a complementary source of finance.

“Traditional financing via the bank and crowdfunding go hand in hand. Co-financing is future-oriented. The entrepreneur makes optimal use of the old and the new world.” Jeroen ter Huurne, co-founder Collin Crowdfund.

Collin Crowdfund is a member of Holland FinTech since two years. Our partnership has been driven by their appreciation of the knowledge supply provided by our organisation through publications, event and news.